2 April - 6 April 2003

Sweet Carolina

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Old Fort Erie, just before the border into the US. The Fort was closed. Note the snow.
Stopped for lunch after a very cold morning.
The Peace Bridge on the border to the US over the Niagara River.
A baseball stadium in Pittsburgh.
Funny T-Rex statue in front of the Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.
The American Flag. I find this flag beautiful.
Me in front of the Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh with a Diplodocus Carnegii in the background.
A T-Rex skeleton inside of the Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.
Sean and me having dinner at an outside patio in Pittsburgh.
Downtown Pittsburgh at night as seen from the south side.
Bundled up on my way to West Virginia.
New River Gorge bridge in West Virginia. The longest iron bridge built in a single arch.
The trees are in blossom in North Carolina.
Pippi (my bike) and my tent at the campsite, King's Mountain, South Carolina.
Pippi loaded to go.
Pippi from the front.
Pippi and me ready to hit the road (I used the camera's self-timer)
Big rockface in a small town on route 74 between Lake Lure and Bat Cave, by Asheville, North Carolina. This road is a biker haven.
Don, Nelson, Hugh and Svatka. They came from Toronto to South Carolina for an orienteering meet, which I missed.
The mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway south of Asheville, North Carolina.
More mountains and stormy clouds.
Pippi on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
More mountains.
Yet more mountains.

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